We all know the stories of using a PI for catching a cheating spouse but what else are Private investigators good at uncovering? There are two ways to look at this question and the answer depends on the client, be it an individual or a business entity. On the individual level there are a myriad of services private investigators offer. Here are the types of cases we can solve and how much you can expect to pay for the investigation. Contact us today for a free consultation:

Typical cost average:
*Cat 1 – $100-$800
**Cat 2 – $800-$1600
***Cat 3 – $1600-2500
****Cat 4 – $2500 and up (These types of cases are a-typical and require an extensive amount of planning)

Abandoned Property***Bug Sweep**Online Social Networking**
Accident Reconstruction***Debugging**Cyber Bullying*
Activity Checks**GPS Tracking Detection**Opposition Research****
Adopted Child Location**Elder Abuse**Paternity Investigations**
Adultery or Infidelity***Embezzlement***Pre-Employment Screen*
Infidelity Surveillance***Employee Theft**Process Service*
Arson or Fire Loss***Employee Malingering**Real Estate Fraud***
Background Check*Employment Misconduct**       Runaway/Missing Child**
Bankruptcy Diligence***Espionage****Sects Occult or Cults***
Birth Parent Locate**Expert Witness Testimony*Sexual Harassment**
Blacklist and Blackballing**Hidden Assets**Sick Day Fraud**
Bomb Threat Detection***Recover Lost Assets**Substance Abuse**
Cargo & Transportation***Identity Theft***Stalking and Harassment**
Parent Child Abduction***Inheritance***Stolen Property**
Catfish or Catfishing**Insurance Fraud***Covert Surveillance**
Suspected Cheating**Juror Vetting*Tenant Screening*
Cheating Partner***Kidnapping and Ransom***Vendor Screening**
Cheating Spouse***Labor Dispute Monitoring**Veterinary Malpractice***
Child Abuse**Land Ownership and Title**White Collar Crime****
Custody & Visitation**Litigation & Legal Support***Locate & Interview**
Child Exploitation**Missing Person or Skiptrace***Work Compensation***
Child Support Enforce***Stolen or Lost Pet**Workplace Conditions**
Cohabitation**Loss and Theft**Workplace Violence**
Cold Case Investigation****Medical Malpractice***Social Media Dive***
Business Intelligence****Slander ***Spousal Maintenance***
Criminal Backgrounds*Professional Malpractice***Unlawful Conduct***
Criminal Defense***Mergers and Acquisitions****Sting Operations****
Criminal Investigation****Mind Control or Brainwashing**Religion or Faith Based***
Discrimination Claims***Cellular Forensics**Employee Interview*
Document Examination**Money Laundering****Wrongful Death***
Domestic Violence**Mortgage Fraud***Wrongful Conviction****
Due Diligence***Online Defamation**Wrongfully Imprisoned****
Eavesdropping Detection**Telephone Tapping Detection*Public Interest***
Surveillance Detection (Countermeasures)***Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement***Hidden Assets Search (Lost or Forgotten)**

If any of these sound like something you need, don’t hesitate. Contact us today for a free consultation: