Dantona CAM-NB2LP CAM-NB2LP Replacement Battery


CAM-NB2LP Replacement Battery

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7.2V ; Li-Ion; Long-lasting; 760mAh ; Rechargeable; Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENDLC2L; Compatible with Canon(R) DC310, Canon(R) DC320, Canon(R) DC330, Canon(R) DC410, Canon(R) DC420, Canon(R) Elura 40MC, Canon(R) Elura 50, Canon(R) Elura 60, Canon(R) Elura 65, Canon(R) Elura 70, Canon(R) Elura 80, Canon(R) Elura 85, Canon(R) Elura 90, Canon(R) MV5, Canon(R) MV5i, Canon(R) MV5i MC, Canon(R) MV6i MC, Canon(R) MV800, Canon(R) MV830, Canon(R) MV830i, Canon(R) MV850i, Canon(R) MV880X, Canon(R) MVX20, Canon(R) MVX200, Canon(R) MVX200i, Canon(R) MVX20i, Canon(R) MVX250i, Canon(R) MVX25i, Canon(R) MVX300, Canon(R) MVX300i, Canon(R) MVX330i, Canon(R) MVX350i, Canon(R) MVX35i, Canon(R) MVX40, Canon(R) MVX45i, Canon(R) Optura 30, Canon(R) Optura 40, Canon(R) Optura 400, Canon(R) Optura 50, Canon(R) Optura 500, Canon(R) Optura 60, Canon(R) Vixia HG10, Canon(R) Vixia HV30, Canon(R) Vixia HV40, Canon(R) ZR-100, Canon(R) ZR-200, Canon(R) ZR-300, Canon(R) ZR-400, Canon(R) ZR-500, Canon(R) ZR-25MC, Canon(R) Vixia HF R10, Canon(R) Vixia HF R100, Canon(R) Vixia HF R11, Canon(R) Vixia HFR11, Canon(R) Vixia HV20, Canon(R) ZR100, Canon(R) ZR200, Canon(R) ZR400, Canon(R) ZR500, Canon(R) ZR600, Canon(R) ZR-600, Canon(R) ZR700, Canon(R) ZR-700, Canon(R) ZR800, Canon(R) ZR-800, Canon(R) ZR830, Canon(R) ZR-830, Canon(R) ZR850, Canon(R) ZR-850, Canon(R) ZR900, Canon(R) ZR-900, Canon(R) ZR930, Canon(R) ZR-930, Canon(R) ZR950, Canon(R) ZR-950, Canon(R) ZR960, Canon(R) ZR-960, Canon(R) Digital Rebel XT, Canon(R) EOS(R) 350D, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S60, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S70, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S80, Canon(R) Digital Rebel XTi Kit (Silver), Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XT, Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XT (Black), Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XT EF-S 17-85mm Lens Kit (Black), Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XT EF-S 18-55 Kit, Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XT EF-S 18-55mm Kit (Silver), Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XTi, Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55 Kit, Canon(R) EOS(R) Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55mm Kit (Silver), Canon(R) PC1018, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G7, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G9, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S30, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S40, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S45, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) S50, Canon(R) Rebel XTI Canon(R) BP-2L12, Canon(R) BP-2L14, Canon(R) BP-2L5, Canon(R) NB-2L, Canon(R) NB-2LH, Canon(R) 7302A001AA, DIGIPOWER(R) BP-CN2L, DIGIPOWER(R) DPCN2L, Duracell(R) DRC2L, Empire(TM) BLI-204, Energizer(R) ER-D120, GP VCL004, Lenmar(R) DLC2L, Polaroid(R) PR-109DG & Interstate(R) CAM1405;

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Weight 0.1084 kg
Dimensions 5.15 × 3.25 × 0.9 cm


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